Stage 3 & 4

It’s funny you know i did not realize the amount of work that goes into making dentures very time consuming, have had several moulds done and have had my mouth for the gap between my top and bottom jaw measured up so they sit evenly.

Today i go into pick the teeth size and colour of brightness, the great thing is i sent photos of a few years ago to match my looks of when i was bit younger Hahaha. As i go through the stages i’m getting pretty excited but a little nervous as it’s been so long, 20 years without teeth and then all of a sudden il be a different man with a smile of happiness.

From stage four today it all happens Wednesday out go the old (13 of them)Mmm it’s got to hurt and in go the new, the dentist reckons i have to man up it won’t hurt that much Hahaha, we will soon see, any way off i go for stage four knowing again i’m going to change my life and style for the better i’m pretty happy with the procedure of my life and were it’s going with my life.



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