A Truly Great Welcome Home.

When you have been on swing for 4 weeks straight you do feel tired and pretty run down, when i get on the flight bound for home i put down the slide with the window, the sound system goes on with my Boss system and straight into dream world.

As it comes across the speakers to get ready for landing i rubbed my eyes with sliding the shutter and look what welcomes me home one of the best sunsets over the city i’ve seen for a while it was truly stunning.

I was thinking as i’m taking photos how magic is this with the colour’s of the building and roads with the sunset as a curtain backdrop behind the city, beautiful.

Through embarking of the plane every one that saw the sunset were saying the same as i was thinking what a great way to be Welcomed home after a big swing, when your tired and warn out that is a great way to be up lifted and put a smile on your face..loved it thank you Perth for a truly beautiful way to come home.



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