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A Long Time Coming..Lol

It has been an awesome long time since I wake up into the day feeling good, with in my job and more importantly myself. Yes we put long hours in and big job’s through out the most of days, but for me I love being in the Pilbara and the environment it does create.

Good morning Lol

I loved coaching but it was only evenings and weekends that’s when I was truly happy, I enjoyed my gardening job full time as at the end of each garden you could see what you hade achieved and it was something to watch it grow into a stunning garden.

It’s a good feeling to wake up everyday knowing your happy and feeling good of how you are progressing in life with the understanding of knowing you are going forward and you need to keep improving all the time to keep growing.

If you feel your not quite there in life.. keep working at it as the changes an we’re you want to get in life will happen even at 61 it happens.


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