How It Has Changed..

To say that life will never be the same is an understatement sine the turmoil of the Coronavirus.

Working and living in camp on a mining site you get to meet a lot of different characters and guys that are working to better their lives for what ever circumstances in life they have.

Through this we have got to know each other in what we’re here for and what we do when were not on site. But I’d say the most interesting part of our conversations nearly all off them don’t want to go home, it’s not because of the love they have for their wife, kids, family or friends not at all the exact opposite they love them and mis them so much and you can see it in their eyes as they talk with the slight air of quietness that follows.

You see a lot of good these guys live on the East Coat of Australia and been on site since March if they were to go home they would be looking at up to six weeks in quarantine add another two weeks before a pay day, and they like a huge majority of Australia need to keep their commitments with the mortgage and other bills of life.

It’s the darkness of the changes that are in front of them what is occurred in major cities with the changes in every day living that awaits them when they go home. I can see how that is for them as society an living has changed dramatically is it for the better or worse only time will tell.

That’s So True Only Time Will Tell.


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