The Loss Of A True Mate.

I Loved This Guy.

If I say I have had a bad week this week that would be an understatement by far. To be quiet honest we all have as we lost a true mate, loyal friend, and great guy to be with in so many ways.

He was a great mate.

I could be right I could be wrong, I could be there in a mood, I could be angry what ever mood I was in he was there by my side, with the eye of I love you buddy.

Tara found Odin passed away last Wednesday in the morning her Dallas an Kado are finding it really hard as we all had that special thing with him, Wade took him fishing all the time and we would take him out in the bush chopping wood for winter, my friends and family have told us what Odin meant to them…there are dogs as good pets then you get one dog that is just so special, unique of an animal…Odin was our mate, great friend, like a son,and a brother to the kids going to mis him a lot but got some great photos and memories of eight years of a true great dog.

Loved him.
The best friendship in the world is a young boy and his dog these two were true mates.

Thanks for being a part of my life Odin truly loved ya buddy truly will mis you my best little mate.



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