Stage Two..

I’m getting ready to head of to the dentist for stage 2, getting my mould done with my gums for my new teeth to be fitted.. Haha new teeth = new man Lol..

Yes in three to four weeks i will be a new man..20 years in the making that is going to be so different to look in the mirror and have a smile but also different facial features in some ways too, which is good for building up my confidence and thinking i’m ok which is what i’m looking forward too, id have to say i’m very nervous about this but excited. I’m all so happy as the dentist is really good and out to make sure that they fit me really well, suit me, and look good he is actually there to help me and make me feel good which i’m really happy with.

What i really like is the support and happiness i’m getting from my kids, and family i haven’t told my friends i will just leave it as i don’t see them to much any way with my work so when i do we will see if they notice Haha, my daughter is really happy for me and she keeps saying dad you are going to look so good with your new teeth i’m so glad for’s my daughter but in saying that she all ways knows how to make me feel off i go for stage two Haha nervous but love it.



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