A Week At Home

A week sounds like a long tine to be home and I’d say it is, but it goes quick especially when you need to do so much in that week.

I get to spend time with these guys which is good.

I was booked in to do my HR Heavy Truck license for my job, done everything right by the book until I had to do the eye test, read the first 3 lines got stuck on the fourth an fifth Failed even before I got in the truck..devastated to say the least.

So I have been told I need to get glasses for driving..Mmm the thought of old age creeps in straight away. Haha Now you sort of think that the Coronavirus has settled an things are back to normal, what you don’t take in consideration is the aftermath.. as i went into 3 different stores as in Optometrist to see about my eyes, there we’re booking up to 6 months to get an appointment.

Mmmm one shop ( Just Spectacle) I don’t usually name any shop but this is different… the lady behind the counter with me just didn’t want to know me at all, her attitude was so rude.. I walked out there feeling really defaulted and useless she was just down an right rude with arrogance, bitterness, an nasty.

Short story I went to 3 other shops the fourth one was so helpful and happy to do my eye test and help me get my new driving glasses they were so good I got new reading glasses as well… I couldn’t help me self I went back to the rude bitch got the store manger explained the problem and how rude her worker was with me and showed her a receipt for $1,145 and said thank you very much as I walked out.. most times I can’t be bothered by that sort of service but this time no way was she going to get all her own way.

Now in Australia with your licences if there are any variation with you in any way you have to go to the license department and register your suit ation to them…I have registered as a driver that’s needs driving glasses to drive, now I Carrie a letter until I get my glasses and need to wear them all the time when driving or it’s a $500.00 fine an 3 demerit points o well what can you do.. it just cracked me to think again the government can hold it over you in so many ways with your lifestyle it’s not even funny any more o well.

A set for reading an soon driving hahaha 61 lol..

So today I needed a touch up on self morale haha one of those men things so went and got a hair cut and beard trim.. it’s funny in one way it’s a time when I think it’s for this sort of minute I’d like to be told gee your hair and beard look good Paul just once.. any way I look in the mirror and say with all ones honestly boy you look good buddy haha haha.

Sharp hahaha

Monday go into stage two with the dentist , for fitting, going over the design an level of whiteness with the teeth, lol nervous it’s sort of spinning me out a little bit I’ve only known me for the last twenty years with out teeth and very shortly I’m going to have teeth with a boomer smile Mmmm I don’t know very different,that it will be very different.

I have a meeting with the CEO tomorrow on looking at going into the teaching side off traffic management I would say as in an instructor, which I find as a complement towards me, and then off to the doctors for the full coronavirus test before taking off Tuesday on flight, this is before we get on the plane both ways to and from work we all so have one up there, it’s funny in one way there a lot stricter now than a month ago no argument out of my lips I have a job..

So Four days to go and still a fair bit to do the great thing is I don’t get too bored when I’m home which is good, right this minute I’m off to go for a ride with Kado we have stunning bush to ride through we’re we are living now love the ride an the company.. life is not too bad lol.



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