Follow up on friends at Work..

The other day I read a blog on friends at work on the way you end up with work mates at your job.

My office view Lol love it.

Through out my working career I’ve managed hotels, managed a cleaning company, established a photography business for 9 years, run my own Strengrh an conditioning gym, coached sports for 35 years at a very high level in between all positions were I made sure with every position that I could coach sports.

Another view from my office lol.

With those different positions through out the years and the hundreds of people or clients I have worked with in some way, I’ve met great people of all ages, average, awesome, and acquaintances, I’d say 10% still keep in touch with 5% catch up with a few times a year the other 5% a very good long lasting friendship with.

Yeah I understand that we all have different personalities all different attitude’s, morals, see things in life with our own philosophy’s and face values with our lives.

Yes friendship is an important part of our working lives as it can make or break your job and career that you have selected to help achieve your goals in life.

Love my office.

With the business I’m in now Civil Construction it certainly is a very good occupation to be in but in saying that there are people that would cut your throat to get themselves in a better position. There is some really good people but in short there are some Reall jerk’s that make you think and understand how low people will go to make your life miserable on site, I have certainly experienced that over the last 12 months.

But all so in saying that I’ve learned really quick on the ones you get to know and the ones that are work associates. I have had several reports put against me, my son and I are experiencing a situation at the moment because every one are complementary towards the father an son team working together. The company puts it down to jealousy, that we get on an work well together, an yes there is mates an work mates as I’ve learned with years of experience you soon work it out who is who.

I might have to get a new office haha haha.


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