The Week..

The Enjoyment Of A Simple Morning.

I have had some weeks that are good, great, simple and ones that mean something to me..this one was one off them. I’m on my R&R for my shift, just your standard week off before going back to the Pilbara but it’s been an interesting one in a few ways, how can this be so ? Lol. My daughter is a great mum i say that as a dad but she is and has proved her self time and time again the way she works with Kaiden and now Ava.

Mum saids dad don’t go spoiling him please, no worries Toots Lol Haha
A very lucky Pop..

With that she is very protective with the kids which i understand, the corinavirus has been hard for everyone through out the globe, with this there are rules around the house and one was Kaiden is not going any we’re un till she felt it was safe for him and the family. Yesterday was pop’s day with Kado been a while since we have adventured out together, in the morning we took off for a good ride around our new area and it has a lot to offer for young family’s with kids plenty of intertainment for the young.

So off we go to the major shopping centre, have a look around grab him and underwater camera, pit stop for us at a cafe with a bit more shopping, next stop at a fish van on the side of the road but has a really good name and really renowed around the city as good fish with very good prices. Kado is very advanced with being able to have conversations with adults at his age, sometimes i look at him with the thought i’m pretty sure his been here before, we talked about life and what he thought of it and what his ambition’s in life are, he has great dreams and goals in life, he has the right attutide and personallity at such a young age, and i understand he has a long way to go with the teenage thing just around the corner so things do change but all so for some kids it can be for the better..Go Kado.

Changes can be good !

Again i had a call from the CEO of the company and again you look at that number hoping it’s good news not bad before answering it.. well being the brave man i am Lol Haha.. Hello Paul speaking, it’s one of those calls your so glad you answered.. January sign a 5 year deal with an extra three option on top, putting me through courses at the companies expense were ill be teaching new employers with different structures of the job..great top up their going to put Wade through a Civil Engineering degree..very happy for my son his life is set up just by doing the right thing.


My daughter is a great mum and has a beautiful heart will be there for family and friends at all times of life, but all so dad and Tara have like a mum and daughter relationship in some ways looks after her dad, where sometimes i have to remind her Toots I’m your dad.. just the usual thing dad what are you doing, were are you going, what time will you be home… i haven’t a problem just looking after me.

One thing she is constantly at me with is teeth i sort have a few missing and have done for 20 years knocked out in football or fighting, but i really haven’t had the money to follow up on new ones until now. I get home the other day the phone rings.. dad answer that call please..high Paul this is Ron..Tara’s dentist.. Tara told me your history with your teeth and that you would like to come in and get your mouth done with new teeth so your booked in for 2pm Monday to start the procedure..see u then Paul.

I don’t say anything just look at Tara with the code of silence to follow and i walk off.. dad it’s for the better for you and it is going to change your life those words follow me as i walk off down the long corridor..i know she is right but iv’e been like this for 20 say the change in looks and appereance is a bit daunghting when you see that look every day..One thing..ill have a real smile been a while since ive had one where my lips part and teeth apear Mmm interesting.. i go out and give Tara a big hug we dont say anything but we both know it’s the right thing for me.. Just dad would like to organise but if i waite for me it will never happen Lol. So Monday 2 pm the procedure starts new man coming up, thanks Toots love ya so much.

Teeth Mmm that will be very different Lol.

To top things off Wade has cleaned up fishing down south on the boat at Denmark around 5 hours out of the city, and photo’s are evidence and he has done that so fish for dinner tonight..went and got my H.R licence today so now i can drive the heavy rigs with my job.. watched some great documentaries on Netflix.. but one of great importance spent some time with Ava as well as Kado.

The Secret of Change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the New.


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