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I watched some documentaries during the week one was THE LAST DANCE it was of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan..what a very powerful man as in what he was regarded as not only the hottest property in NBA but sports all over the world. Michael Jordan demanded perfection from everyone players, coach, all coaches with even the way the club was run on every day basis.

I was amazed how the fans and the world of basketball crumbled when his father had been murdered and Michael went to baseball, it destroyed Chicago the club but more than anything the city and fans, it was like a bomb had dropped on the club..It was really well done the interviews, filmage of the games and the depth the documentary went with every angle of the club, certanly one to watch if your into basketball or sports.

Sunderland .. Till i die.

I have to say what a great show i watched 2 seasons in one night it had me so intrigued of once was one of the most powerful clubs in english soccer, from The Premier division, Champions and then too first division with in 2 years.

What i really loved was that you met and got to know the players, management, the club and who ran the club but more than any thing it was the fans they really do have their hearts with the club and will be nothing else but Sunderland Till They Die from the age they can walk their lives are the club until they die. In church the priest gives more prayers on Sunderland Football Club and there future for the community and what it means to follow god and the club.

We see things all over the world and wonder whats going on..i would say there is no other world in Sunderland but their football, i really did see the passion and love for what is regarded as one of the biggest sports in the world of Soccer, but what i did see how a community that is regarded as one of the poorer parts of England have so much passion and love for a sporting club we’re every thing they need to do to get to a game and be a member for the season is done.

It truly is one of the greatest sporting stories i have watched were i literally fell in love with the club and Sunderland the community, can not wait for season 3 to come out and it’s certanly on my bucket list to go to a game and be a part of a very special community and sports.


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