New Toy.. Lol

Did i really need this camera, maybe not but it’s been years since i have picked up one and getting back into photopgraphy the big thing was the company said they did not have a problem as long as i still keep working the way i am and don’t make the company look bad in any way.. no problem there.

It’s a small camera but has a lot to offer with the photo’s i like the size very compact, very strong, dust proof, waterproof and shockproof i need that sort of format for the Pilbara.

So i’m looking forward of catching the heart of some of our most photographic part of Australia and the true culture of the land that i’m so happy to be working in, with many other parts of my life the kids, grandkids..the other thing is before i know it ill fill my phone which i dont really want to do that in some ways, but it gives me another thing to gain interest in my life.


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