The Power Of Love

Yes it’s a very powerful word in life and can mean so much in so many ways, with family, true friends and your partners and for some the Love of life.

For me it’s my kids there my whole world there every thing to me as I watch them grow to be out standing human beings so proud to be there dad and a huge part of there lives.

I found myself in a situation of what the power of love meant to me. My daughter had Ava 2 weeks ago, I thought I was very lucky as that was my break 7 days off an yes I was excited for Dallas Tara Kado an the family.

Tara had gone back to the hospital several times feeling something wasn’t Wright after having Ava, each time of examine the problem would say all good and then send her home, then eventually had a small procedure operation as they called it, on the same day Tara said it doesn’t feel wright at all.. you will be ok sent her home.

This all happened on Wednesday of being home with in 10 minutes my daughter had started bleeding heavily went into a spasm attack and then fainted on to the floor. Very lucky Dallas was on to this and called an ambulance.

When the ambulance got there Tara had lost two an half pints of blood, we were very lucky that the paramedics had the wright blood type in the ambulance, that saved her life another 15 minutes my daughter would have died. I’m so thankful for the quick response of Dallas and the paramedics with all staff at the hospital they did save my daughter’s life.

For me the feeling of not being there hurt, but knowing that I was just a few minutes away from loosing my daughter Really hit me hard. Yes I have a great job and at one of the best locations in Australia, but like all FIFOs if things go wrong with your love ones you are hours from being by there side.

My son works up here too with me he doesn’t say much a very deep thinker and keeps a lot to himself. The reality hit him last night with the thought of loosing his sister, as for me it was earlier to be really frank I would have been devastated to the brink of knowing that would be it for me with Wade or Tara as we are so close and that comes from bringing them up from a very young age.

My daughter broke down on the phone last night, telling me it hit her hard knowing how close she was to death not being with Dallas, Kaiden, Ava, Wade her mum and family but the way she told me how much she loved me in her voice broke me down and understanding how much my kids meant to me and the power of true love the feeling and what it means to you as a father.

Cherish your love ones tell them how much you love them, Wade gave me a big hug today and said how much he loved me that made me feel so happy an Tara she texts me every day Dad love You… And me I just love my kids so much and thank god how lucky I am to have them.


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