The Three Cs In My Life

Approximately 10 months ago I was going for a position in the mining industry as a Traffic Controller as a FIFO. It was something very new to me no worries with that at all, 60 years of age nothing to lose everything to gain in life.

The 3 Cs Of Life.. Choice.. Chance.. Change..

In my life I was given a Choice, and I grabbed the Chance to help me better and Change my life. And what a great ride it’s been for me and now my son. But for me personally I have learned so much about me.. The person I am and turned into.. My attitude towards life an the people I work with has gone to another level, in saying that I had a very good one Lol.. More understanding of FIFO life which can be a difficult one at times, Learning about a very important culture and there land in what it means to them and how far it goes back with the Aboriginal of Australia.

The most important getting to know me on how I handle the conditions with work and the weather.. at the moment it’s around 3 degrees at 4 am by 8.30 around 24 degrees today got to 26 which is a great way to work., but more than any thing learning about me, I’m pretty happy we’re I’m going an know I can go further ahead in life..


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