Another Day.

I like to wake and up look around and contemplate of my day with the first thought of (another day) that is upon me and how and what i make it can be my choice in so many ways.

The Secret of being Happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday.

At the moment like everyone around the world your plans could be short and pretty simple as of the Coronavirus, but i’d say like everywhere else little things are getting lifted and we have a bit more room to move around with restaurant’s opening with strict number’s in at a time, which is fair enough and so it should be..cafes are allowed to open, gyms, hotels will be next with accommodation around the corner, hair salons, beauty shops..thats a funny one it will be interesting as my daughter quotes the amount of money she has saved by not getting them done nails and hair Haha and again strict number through each door.

Never explain yourself to anyone. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Live your life and do what makes you you happy.

How True.

Just with that simple quote on your life how many people try to be or be someone else to get approval in life were they can fit in or win friends, i don’t know but i have brought my kids up and have a philosophy of people like me for who and what i am, if not that’s their problem they miss out Haha Lol.

I have being doing a bit shopping i don’t know i have this thing we’re i have missed out on a bit in the last few years and the thought of coming home after living in the desert for a few weeks i want to be in comfort, and to be very onest there is only one person to spoil and thats me, Haha Mmm forgot Kado and Ava lol but thats so good to me.

This on it’s owen is worth waking up every day too Lol.

So my day when i awake is too surf the internet for a few bargains well of i go to JB Hi Fi and yes before i know it a new phone Apple 11 and a Hd plasma 65″ inch Tv and something i haven’t brought since i was wiped out with my sports photography business a new camera, Nikon Coolpix W300 tough camera. Id have to say they looked after me and so they should when you buy all your computers and electrical through them haven’t a problem they do sell high standard products.

The reason i brought the camera i’m in some of the best country in Australia for photography so i want high quality photos and maybe sell a few on the side haha been so long since i picked a camera up o well it has to happen sooner or later.. Lol

Well i have to say how surprised i was when walking into the store how packed it was the young guy was saying since the Coronavirus people are buying Tv’s, Game consoles, games, computers, sound systems just can not keep up with the demand.. so yes we are staying home and through that making sure we are provided with the entertainment or toys to keep us amused every day, so some companies are thriving through the virus i read we’re Amazon turned over 36 million dollars in 3 months on sales going all over the world Mmmm so good for some bad for othere’s it’s amazing how it has benefited some destroyed others in life around the world.

My two best little mates Haha

As i got back from my walk with a cup of coffee from the cafe which every one is enjoying doing grabbing a coffee off into the park for a walk, any way how do i weigh up my days for 61 pretty good when you walk in the door and your 2 best little mates are laying down so innocent to life and whats in front of them in the future but with innocence of beauty that i truly love and so glad there a huge part of my life.. Just Another Day.. Lol

At any given moment You have the power to say. This is not how the story is Is going to end. ITS GOING TO BE BETTER.


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