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She Is Home..

I’ve waited so long for this day to see my beautiful daughter walk in the door with my beautiful Granddaughter coming in through with the little muffin of a cry to say i’m hear.

Ava is home. Lol

My daughter had the most stunning smile of happiness you could ask for with the tears in her eyes we just hugged and both had a slight little cry, and i thought i was a tough man Haahaa must be age. Well i just sat and nursed her for an hour or so maybe it was nearly 2 but in all that time i was just looking with amazement thinking how brilliant are we as humans that we can create something so beautiful and magic, i have to say in 3 hours this little girl has won my heart all ready in such a big way i’m pretty sure she smiled at me, but Tara reckons it was wind Haha Lol.

As your pop Ava Our Life Together Has Just Begun Your A Part Of Me My Little One.


Not only was i happy to come home every shift to see Tara and her little family now i have another little girl to spoil and to be a huge part of her life, i could and would say i’m a very happy man at this moment of life and have years of experience and yarns to share with the new addition of the family.

Welcome home Ava.


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