Trip home.

As I sit looking out the window on this flight knowing I’m pretty lucky to have work and money going into the account. I listened to the news last night which I don’t very often as in these days it’s pretty dimensional sort of news, but I see Four hundred thousand in the construction look at loosing there jobs throughout Australia over the next few months as there is no money around since the virus put its ugly head around the world.

As I look at it the Coronavirus has repercussions following its path and that’s loss of work for many with financial hard times around the corner. How do I feel personally on what’s happening, its a hard one as I was there for two years when times were good for most of the country an most people were leaping forwards at every move they made, some of my mates are in a bad way through loosing their position over the Coronavirus. It’s hard I know that, an experienced the hardness for 2 Years, I hope for all people of Australia and especially my mates that it turns the corner pretty quick for them.

Some of the workers on this plane and many more haven’t been home in 3 months as across the borders of Australia knowing if they do, their in lockdown for a month before going back to work..some of these guys are struggling with it. It not going home to family which could be up to five or six months long time in not seeing there loved ones and they say it keeps the mortgage and bills payed.

It’s sad in one respect we as FIFO workers cop a lot of trash thrown at us and that annoys me in one respect because the revenue off Millions of dollars that goes into the economy every day to help keep this country a float with thousands in the mining industry not on the unemployment list, utterly it gives Australia some sort of bargaining power with service goods and many products coming in going through out the worldwide of economy, so a lot of men and women,family’s and especially the young kids wondering when is Mum or dad coming home, instead of locked up in a hotel room at $100 a night, yes they have work and earnings pretty big money but going through some pretty dark times with the strictness on the mine sites we have to go by is pretty full on, but we have work so there is no complaints on this flight.


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