The Challenge Off Life Now.

As a young guy growing up i was very competitive with life and sports, with in which was a good thing in a lot of ways, sometimes i wonder now if iv’e lost that desire to be competitiveness, i don’t do any sports or coach so what could i push my self too is the question i ask my self a lot lately.

I work in a very demanding business or occupation know as Civil Construction, it’s demanding in the work we do and the time that the work is completed in, but all so it’s a position that as quick as you start; it could be finished as quick, it can be really ruthless in the 10 months that iv’e been with this position id say 45 too 50 workers have come and gone, left on their terms or the companies terms.

Challenges are what make

Life interesting.

Overcoming them is

What makes Life


For me it’s doing every thing right and what needs to be done at a high standard with my work. Is there such a thing as competing against your self, there is, for me it’s being good at what i do with every job showing my capability of learning understanding the work, scarifies being away from home for long periods of time.

Adapting to conditions and weather that the Pilbara throws at you, winning respect from your work mates supervisors and management..the most important is too be happy with your job and just be you at all times.. for me this is so important as at my ripe old age of 61 work is hard to get and hold.. this position is a challenge in so many way for any age and sex but the rewards are high and as hard as it can be the environment is unique to live and work in something that is very different and i love being a part off.




Ability is what your capable of doing

Motivation determines what you do

Attitude determines how well we do it.

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