Well how did this happen I go on a 4 week shift come home the kids make a change in life, I knew it was coming but not to the level it has an become.

Am I upset no not one bit, I have all ways thought we need to change our life and to do that it has to be a shift of location and the environment we live in , and yes we are paying a little extra an yes for the comfort of doing big shifts an relaxing for seven days this is what the doctor ordered for me.

Am I writing this to piss people off NO far from it, I understand that people are doing it hard in life through out the world and Wright at this moment even harder… For us yes we are in lock down and can’t go any were or do any thing as 90% of the world, what it is doing just helping with what is going through out the world at the moment.

The front of the house.

One reason people resist Change is Because they focus on. What they have To give up. Instead of what They have to. Gain.

The boy loves it.

Change your thinking And it will Change your life.

A little bit extra

Your life Does not get Better by chance it Gets better by Change.

Big rooms my office an room haha my little hide away.

Choices, Chances, Changes.

You must make a Choice to

Take a Chance

Or your life will

Never Change.

That’s what I call a kitchen at long last my cooking is going to another level with the power to move. Lol.

Your life does

Not get better by chance,

It gets better by


Happiness is not

Something you postpone

For the future.

It is something you design for the


My daughter is very strict with the Coronavirus as in no visitors at all besides her mother, no grandparents, no brother, no family, no friends have I got a problem with that not at all it’s her wish and belief for the health of her and the babe her son and husband, I’m happy if my daughter is happy, so is dad and I understand, my parents are pissed but I’ll support her right or wrong it’s the dad thing.

Will be back next Tuesday looking forward to going back to work and especially with haven a good rest.

People and my mates might think I’m a fuck but to my true friends and family they know I have really put in the hard years for over 20 and I’m 61 years of age with the opportunity to enjoy an just have something I’ve missed for so long with a little bit of satisfaction off me for once…but it doesn’t stop there I got to keep working on it, and with it to keep it and don’t get content or complacent I still have a long way to go in life I want to make 62 Lol.




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