I’m Home..Long Stint..But Worth It.

I must admit I’m glad in some ways to walk in the door and see the smiling faces of the kids I certainly missed them with there practical joke they pull on me and the atmosphere around the house.

The last night at camp it gave me a message how lucky I am to be here.

Even though five weeks is a long time to be away from home, at the camp we build a great comrade ship between all of us, we look after each other make sure we’re all good especially when we are 200Ks away from camp in the middle of no we’re.

Its hard to explain but we have chats and all say the same thing even though we are in no mans land we all see something very special with the surroundings and the majestic of what it offers in nature and spirt..Love it.

Wade my son works with me on the same swings which is so good to have him around me and he has really fitted in well with every one from the top down.

I’ve missed me best little mate haha.

It’s so good to be home Tara is only around 3 weeks away from haven my second grand child a ( Granddaughter) Haha another little Tara I’m excited..

So good to be home for seven days and back to the tranquility of my life haha.


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