It Only Takes One Small Thing To Make Your Day.

It can be small or a big moment through out the day that can make it special for you. Im in the same boat as most people through out the world with the Coronavirus, but there is a but I’m a lucky one I’m working.

In saying that we are in tight movement around camp, we have a lot of rules and regulation to obey bye with the Coronavirus, I have seen a lot of workers loose their position over not going bye the rules in front of us..which I haven’t a problem in one way as we all have to run with them.

This is one of the small things that make me smile.

We go into the dry mess to have a meal or prepare our meals for work..every thing is handed to us we don’t touch one item and our coffees are made for us, we wash our hands with every entrance and no one is closer than 2 meters in line or around camp.. you have a few hours to do your washing and definitely no wet mess or drinking, which again no problem with any of it.

Again I smile.

Yes it is strict and for the health of every one on site it should be, again no complaint from my lips I’m just so grateful and thankful that I have a job, I’m doing 4 weeks on 1 week off, missing the kids and my best little mate and find it very lonely as we are confined in some ways..but again I’m not complaining, I find my self a bit lucky compared to a lot of people.

Just that 1 minute is so good for the rest of the day.

And for me it’s the sun rise or sunsets or cloud formation that make my day and just adds a smile to my face with knowing that I am a lucky man we’re I am at the moment.

A little ray of sunshine makes me happy.

I’d like to finish off with I wish every one health and happiness through out the world and that every one is at a good level at the moment with family and friends.

Look after your selfs through out the world.


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