Just Another Day..

Yes this is just another day..I say that as its our way of living now and will be for quiet a while as the government believes it could be anything up to six too twelve months.

So What is another day for us or for me and the kids..I get up around 6 don’t know why but one does that, turn the news on to listen to what we should an shouldn’t do with the restrictions coming into place with crowd sizes with venues, weddings, work and what’s closing down and what’s staying open..how many people are losing their jobs or hours , all entry’s into Australia have been stoped so if you fly out of the country there’s no return as simple as that..

I hate to say it in one way but in the other I agree to it fully, if you are prepared to go overseas knowing what’s going on with the Coronavirus then suffer the consequences and understand that half the virus in Australia has been brought in to our country over the last week or so.

Filled up the outside fridge with the essentials of Water.

My daughter is a great mum she is so good with Kaiden, protective like every mother should, but the love for that kid is something maybe Mm over the top but every kid should have that love from their mother , as we know that’s not the case, she kept him home from school this week, but she arranged for him to do school work through his teacher, or should I say..hey dad can you take Kado through his maths for me please..haha yea all good go pop.

I have to ask what do you call a man at 61 not doing too much at home becauses he’s trying to mend his torn hamstring, agitated..yes I really want to get back up the Pilbara back to work.Wade flew in last night from his swing..dad a lot of things have been happening up there good & bad..

If you go up with the flew or get it up there your put into quarantine for two weeks, and again people’s mentality has been shown again, quiet a few idiots thought they will take home toilet paper and hand cleaner, word got out bags have been searched instant dismissal, I mean we’re are there heads serious have a pretty good job with a quiet a good pay pack to go with, it just shows that one for doesn’t think, ends in the line with no work the timing for being fucking dumb is a very costly mistake with thousands loosing there position on there job over the next few weeks.

I’m booked into see an orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow, as I might have to have the hamstring sewn back on to my muscles I’ll know tomorrow as it doesn’t seem to be going forward, o well not much I can do if that’s the case, except kiss some serious arse Lol Mmm to keep my job i do have a serious point it was done up on site, well that’s my point.. It’s funny one day things are going ahead 100 miles an hour with a blink it can change so quick.

Yes every day now is a new beginning

Take a deep breath,

Smile and start


As the day is going into the afternoon, limbering around doing my washing and room chores, thinking I’m ok just need to be positive and keep helping the kids that are sort of a bit worried on what’s happening around them and the globe which is fair enough, as the dad I keep telling them all will be good it’s another challenge for all of us to get through and we will do that just going to take some time..but let’s be smart with it, I look at them with not saying any thing but thinking these Kids are doing it right pretty proud how there handling it.. it must have been their upbringing Haha Lol, very proud of them.



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