Being Positive In Each Day.

Looking for something positive

in each day, even if some days

You have to look a little


Yes we have to look for a positive for every day now. I wake up every day to nothing but Coronavirus, which i understand as it’s here and has landed well and truly on our shores. But their dose not seem any thing positive on the news, radio, internet or Tv, i all so know all the information we are being told is to help us through this situation with this virus through out the world. We are even get adds on Tv with the virus what the symptoms are and what to do there on all the time now.

Being positive doesn’t mean you

don’t ever have negative thoughts.

It just means you don’t let

those thoughts control your life.

I took a break not that i’m doing much but decided to go up to the shop’s, maybe i should not have, boy there are so many arrogant, egotistic people, they really showed of one’s own importance just rude.. i was lucky i got the last two packets of pasta and jars of sauce, got my broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, sweet peas, carrot, and capsicums with garlic a cut up chilli and mix herbs in a crock pot cooking for 8 hours Mmm i’m so good haha..that small thing i did in creating a meal for the next few day’s just put a smile on my face, even after the fuck heads up in the shops Lol.

As i’m preparing my meal i hear on the radio that the WA Premier has announced all household fees and charges – including electricity, water, gas and vehicle registration – will be frozen as part of a major economic relief package to tackle the COVID19 emergency as the state reports a dramatic spike in new cases... Thats going to help out a lot of people in the community as the losses of work positions are happening as the public just aren’t going any were and most places are barred from going there.

Be strong & positive

you never know who

you are inspiring.

Well it’s just been announced that all schools will be in shut down as early as this week, all sporting and music events have been canceled with the junior sports that go through the winter months are being postponed until further notice, public library, art gallery, gyms, swimming pools, restaurant’s and many more public venues are closing their doors, it really shows that this is so real and it’s a pretty huge pandemic through the world and my home front.


Never let a bad situation

bring out the worst in you.

Be strong and choose to be positive.

This what we are doing around each other to keep the moral and the atmosphere around the house at a good level, especially around Kado and Tara being pregnant it helps us all even though we know that this is the biggest challenge in our lives and i can say that i certainly look at this the biggest in my 61 years of life.


2 responses to “Being Positive In Each Day.”

  1. I know its a bad situation we can all do with out. But if we get something positive of having to stop our lives and stay home is that we have to stop our live and stay home. A time to reflect, a time to reset, a time to look inside rather than out side for happiness. Thanks nice write

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