The Key To Life At The Moment = Keep Moving Forward.

For most parts of the world life is very different and hard to comprehend in whats happening with the Coronavirus Disease through out the world, a lot of Countries and City’s are going into drastic measures to get on top of it, with concerts, sporting events, seminars, schools any thing that brings huge crowds together as one at an event are being cancelled or shut down.

Personally i have not one problem with this at all, if it means it helps us beat and get on top of this virus that is killing and making people really sick why not be smart with it. The thing that is getting to me is people’s mentality of creating more problems by being arrogant, self-important, rude, with only thinking of themselves with no respect for any one around them and that has been demonstrated in shopping centres and on the streets.

Some things are meant to happen, just not meant to be.

Some things are meant to come into your life,

just not meant to stay.

Trent Shelton

We as a society and as humans have to be positive, supportive and reassuring to every one around us especially to our kids that we are going to get through this as a family as a society that the global pandemic is curable and responsive to treatment and by looking after ourselves.

My grandson does not understand in some ways whats happening and is asking are we going to get really sick pop, what we need to do as parents is be constructive and reassuring that every thing will be good as it will take time and it’s getting better for every one through out the world.

One Of Life’s Lesson’s

Is All Ways Keep Moving On.

My goal at the moment is to not only look after myself by getting this leg better to get back on shift but to make sure that my kids, family, and friends are all good with moving forward through this challenge that has been thrown at all over the world, in being positive and knowing we are all going to come out the other side of this pandemic by keep moving onwards with life.


Means we hurt

we feel, we stumble, we fall

we fail, we cry

but through it all, we keep

getting back up and keep

Moving Forward.


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