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Starting Rehab Today..

Starting Rehab today with my leg, swimming, spa, light walks and light stretching, with ice packs 20 minutes on 20 minutes off regularly through the out the day. I’m a amazed at the length this is taking to mend, but i all so know that they can take any thing between 4 to 8 weeks so i understand the program needed to get on top of it.

The CEO just got of the phone with me he has kept me on the list with my position and can miss one more shift if needed and thats about it so i understand as it’s a business not A friendship. Speaking of friends haven’t had to many ask if all is good and how i’m going besides Matty but thats ok i wont loose sleep over it.

It’s funny i was very lucky playing sports didn’t have to many injuries and if i did worked hard to get back on the playing field, were now i’m working really hard to save my job and lively hood i just can not comprehend loosing a job over a hamstring injury that would just fucking do my head in, but all is positive just keep working and if the CEO is supporting me that helps taking some pressure off me..

Life is full of test and challenges, i laugh as it does not matter the age they just keep coming. Lol.


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