Molly – Dying For Sex..

I’m listening to episode 6 of Dying For Sex, the story of Molly and her life battling with cancer with knowing that she has not long to live. I know a lot of people are going through this disease that is one of a common diagnose with the young, teens, adults and the old. It’s one that we all have a story of friends, family and work mates that we know have been through this sadness of life.

Molly new her life was short so she decided to go on a journey of sex and the different journey it was. We’re today Molly explains how she felt with her adventure and how she felt it was, but more than any thing she is talking of the part that is taking her life away Cancer and knowing she is on her last days with life.

It’s funny in one way through listening to this i have felt i got to know Molly in some way and her story.. I hat to stop for a while as i cried an cried i have closed the door to my office as i don’t want my kids to see that i’m so upset over a podcast when Molly died.. maybe now and more now i really understood what my friends had gone through and how they looked at life in their last few days, but it’s a question you don’t ask your friends or family.. like how do you feel about die’ing buddy tell me in your words, i mean it’s fucking not a question u ask, your trying to make them feel good and thats it’s going to get better but you know it’s not going to happen as they lay their in stillness with the look of no return.

Molly and Nikki tell her story in such a beautiful way and it can make you understand what people go through with the disease of cancer.. I remember when i was younger if your parents we’re talking about a friend of there’s had got cancer it was like WOW whats cancer and now it can be at any early to late age of life and something that you hear of more often, does that sort of give us a message on how we live and what put in our foods and drinks Mmm why would any one worry its such a part of life in the way our live stock can grow to full growth in half the time they could 20 years ago.

I believe i’m a strong man in a lot of ways but what i’m not strong at is facing death, i have had a around 5 to 6 mates die with a Tumour or Cancer some older or a bit younger but i can not got to what i call the death bed of their last few hours and watch them die.. A mate of mine has Motor Neurone Disease which he was diagnosed two years ago and is going down hill really quick, and i have only seen him a couple of times because i just cant look at him and don’t understand why Pole got this fucking thing but he knows and understand’s.. so i rang Pole and we are going to catch up it’s not to late has he is ok for were he is.

I thank Nikki for telling Molly’s story one of the strongest friendship with two people, an Molly of telling your story of what you have been through at the age of 45, i feel that i have been a part of your life Molly and i’m glad in some way that i got to know you and hear your story.

Thank You Molly an Nikki for such a beautiful story of life.


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