Women’s Sport Is Moving Forward In Such A Great Way..

Women’s sports in Australia has gone miles ahead of its time, with the skills, excitement, entertaining, professionalism, fitness, stamina and the coaching in all areas of the game’s.

We just had the world cup in 20 – 20 of women’s cricket in Australia. I got to watch most of the games and so glad i did, the skills in fielding, bowling and batting have gone to another level from all teams over the world, all the skills to play the game were outstanding from all teams that played over the last two weeks. Not only with the girls playing the game but the spectators following and going to the games, they had very good and big crowds to all the games, but the final of 86,174 was a sign of were women’s cricket is going. with the future of the generation coming through in the next few years.

I have been involved with sports as a player or coach from the ripe old age of eight and still love one of the greatest things in the world and thats sports, it can benefit girls, boys, men and women in all areas of life in so many ways. I’m not involved any more as a coach because i have gone a different direction in life with my career but i still follow it and watch most sports on tv or go to games as a spectator.

The women’s sports in amateurs and professional level is seen to have gone to such a high standard level in all areas of their chosen sports, with the skills, fitness, playing as a team, professionalism at both levels of amateurs and professional, with the coaching and the way they are coached with fitness, nutrition, game plans, media and how to present them selfs to sponsors and spectators, in all areas of the game this has taken women’s sports to another level.

One game that has improved and really going forward every season it’s played, and thats Women’s Australian Football League, from the time it started in 2017 has kept going forward with the game and one off the fastest growing sports with girls and women playing. Other sports that keep progressing forward is Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer keep growing every year with enrolling to play their favourite sport from the age of the young 6 years old, teens and adults are joining up with clubs of the sport that they want to play.

Congratulations to all women’s sports, with the every one that is involved from players, coaches, sponsors and administration were you have taken the sports with the girls and women that play them, it’s exciting to see how far they have come and how far there going to go, Australian sports is so healthy and looking really good with all levels of girls, boys, women an men, for me i love being the spectator watching sports of both sex’s at such a great level.


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