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An Example Off The Worse.. As Humans

We all know world wide that the CORONAVIRUS FLU has hit us all in a big way some countries a lot worse that other’s and we all have to be prepared as humans to look after ourselves with our inner health, as a healthier body will get through it better being healthy in the inside of our bodies by looking after yourself and looking at changing a few things with your life in the day by day routines..

The problem we got is the mentality of a hand full of people in our society that have created.. what i call the low lives of the human society with the disgrace of their behaviour that makes me wonder we’re the fuck are we going as humans, what are we showing the younger generations that are growing into our future society.

This is happening in our local shopping centre.

What i don’t understand and please there are so many doctors and nutritionist on this site correct me if i’m wrong please. I look at this in what i understand with the bodies through learning with nutrition and coaching sports..if we we’re to look after our bodies with the inside of our health and the outside how we eat, our hygiene, change a few habits thats going to benefit with your health..What is happening people are fighting in the store over toilet paper, hand soap, tissues, this were i’m lost going to the toilet to drop the kids off is going to make you more heather wiping your arse clean..really.

This is what we see when we go shopping i asked the man if we could have one packet please and he abused me in a savage way.

Now i understand that Coronavirus is killing people and making of all ages very sick it is turning into a world wide epidemic or as the media are calling it Pandemic of great percussions that can hurt us through so many things in life, with stock market, world health, your work , in your general living with life.

What is hurting us in Australia is the Media they are just blowing this even bigger that it is through out Australia the way they proceed it and promote it with the news and commercials. What we have forgot before SARS, CORONAVIRUS there was the SPANISH fLU that infected a third of the worlds population, in 1918 – 1919 it killed as many as 50 million in the waning years of world war one, it come back into the world around 1997 and still is a flu through winter we are hoping not to catch.. and people die through it every year.

WANT TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS ? TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. The most selfless thing you can do during a possible pandemic is to look after your own health.

Because of the media and news it has turned into a full hysteria and panic in Perth all off Australia.. So the kids and i have sat down and worked on a diagram of looking after ourself’s and each other, what i call looking after each other’s backs, we regular wipe our hands, faces the benches and surfaces we touch regular, the toilet gets wiped before and after each use which my daughter did any way she had this thing with the toilets, and watch what we eat which we have done but it’s gone to another level to help the insides with being healthy.

Now in Australia we had this gentlemen thing were a handshake was a way of showing respect to the man in front of you, and a light cuddle of respect to women.. not any more thats just gone straight out the window, for the younger generation they wouldn’t have noticed any way as it wasn’t in their word of respect. Now i know it’s a small thing in life but it’s one i grew up on and believed it was a show of respect to men.. and now it’s the younger generation of respect were we just GRUNT and eye contact to say i have knowledge you.

The changing of the guard is this our future of life as we are going to know it and bringing up the next younger generation’s through out the world. I sat down and had a chat with dad who is 91 and has a great memories of life but more than any thing what he has lived through and the changes to Australia and the world in 91 years.

It’s amazing truly is and i have done the same in 61 years, fashion, takeaways, phones, music and so many things the way we travel through the world, but more than any thing our way of thinking and looking at life in general has done a big counter attack.

Simply washing your hands during cold and flu season is a much more effective way of preventing colds.

Id like to finish with every body out there look after yourself , family and friends with that it’s another challenge that been thrown at us all and one we can get through by doing the basic’s of life.


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