Molly..What An Amazing & Beautiful Lady..

I have been listing to an Audio Podcast over the last few days because of my movement hasn’t been to good with this torn hamstring very painful and slow, Lol brought it upon myself Lol.

( Dying For Sex ) is hosted by Nikki Boyer with her best and long time friend Molly that is diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Molly decides to be bold and do something different in life, she leaves her unhappy marriage and embarks on a serious of sexual adventures as she said it makes her feel alive.

Molly was diagnosed with cancer at 41 – after previously beating the disease in 2011. Molly was diagnosed a second time which required her to undergo a double mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, and reconstructive surgery.

Molly was put on a new medication that had the unexpected consequence of increasing her Libido, through this Molly leaves her husband after 15 years and the sexual adventures start were Molly felt it was her way of feeling alive.

Nikki Boyer’s podcast is such a beautiful and heart touching podcast of an amazing lady called Molly with a story of true courage, bravery and a friendship that is so powerful and heart warming with the thought of id love a friend like that with the bond that comes with life.

I’m listening to the 6 eposides with laughter, with o-no feeling the sadness of Molly’s story, with tears of what she is going through and her way of looking at each challenge thrown at her, were most of us would quit in life.

Dying for Sex is a celebration of a powerful friendship that face unthinkable challenges with life, there mutual love and devotion is what in life we call goal, i’m so glad that i listened to the podcast of two amazing ladies both with different lives, and both have different stories but show the bond and love of an amazing friendship through the good and bad times of life, worth listening too and i’m glad i did, thank you girls for showing me what true friends are in life.


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