I’m Learning What Women Want In A Relationship..Or Am I ?..

Is it ever too late to learn in life ? And especially in a relationship with women..You might ask why are you looking at this topic at your age.. It’s easy i have security in work and life were i live and how i’m living but need to work at it every day..the body thing that needs working on but were going the right direction.. A friendship, relationship or the four letter word that id like to be a part of and thats Love.

I mentioned the age, and its funny as i remember when i was younger and with my ex for 20 years i really loved being in love and being loved. The best 20 years of my life was being with Maree and haven our kids but being a part of her was so good, i don’t regret any of it at all, first 10 years when she left me hated her with a passion and i don’t hate anyone in life i feel sad when i realise were i was which wasn’t good, and now we are friends which is all good.

Is it the age thing the generation of age is so different in so many ways..you have to only chat with women from 20 to mid 30s an 40 to 55 iv’e been chatting to a few and the response is different the young girl i work with is in her early 20s her and her friends are happy on one night stands or just a few weeks or months in a relationship, she does like the idea of haven a strong relationship but if it does not work just moves on not a problem.

On the other hand the lady in her mid 30s is desperate to find love gets down and out when it doesn’t happen and moves on quickly to find love..when we have a chat about it she know’s what she wants and believes every man has that standard or morals she is looking for.

Through Listening and Observing.

I have found that most women want in a man is good chemistry with him, to be honest, stability is in three parts with emotionally stable, economically stable and also relationally stable, which means that you be counted on to be predictable, reliable, and that he’s essentially someone you could rely on.

Open communication that occurs regularly and tactfully is essential, a healthy relationship flourishes when communication is clear.. Honesty can make or break the relationship don’t give any reason to doubt you. Trust and trustworthiness allow’s the relationship to deepen. I feel friendship goes a long way with a relationship need to be great friends as well as great lovers.. Being supportive in all parts of life with your partner.Be a good listener with your partner make sure you listen and understand the conversation your haven.

Whether your partner or a friend needs emotional or practical support be there to assist in a small and a big way.

Sensitivity, bring adventure and excitement into the relationship, with safe and welcome ways. Show your partner love, saying i love you.. may not be easy but they are words that can be highly charged. I’m told that the sex is important but it’s not everything with the relationship..an i was told don’t just please yourself make sure your partner is provided as well. We all know that at my age experience Haha Lol.

We as men should enjoy the success of your partner take time to recognise and acknowledge your partners strengths and respect her for all that she brings to your relationship.

What I Want As A Man.

I have to say i like all of the above as well that would be nice to have a lady that see’s me for me and loves being with me, shows all of the above as well. I would say i’m the same in so many ways.. i would like to have a lady that is honest with me, trustworthy especially if i’m working up north, listen to me as well have an interest in what i do and my interest in life.. i like affection i love cuddles and haven attention giving it as well as take it, i know women like men to be comfortable with them selfs and yes i’m learning to do that it’s hard when you haven’t done it before.

So the question i ask do i ask for too much in a women i don’t think so i mean women are looking for a near perfect man from what i gather..the question is asked do they find the perfect man i don’t think so.. i believe we can find a really good women or man and like any thing you work together to get the relationship at a really good level, it’s that true saying Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is a good relationship.

So the moral of all this i have a lot to learn and still understanding what are women looking for why do i say this..i’m a very good man treat women with respect, listen, have a great heart and understand the meaning of love, very honest, very reliable, give and take, make sure my partner is happy with the ending as well as me.

So there is a saying that don’t take a book by’s it cover but i notice when i walk into a bar or restaurant even the shopping centre i don’t turn heads, i notice women are not looking at me were they go Mmmmm id like to know him.. so the saying never take a book by’s it cover does happen and i feel that.. so a lot of women don’t want to know the man for the inside of him it’s more the outside, and id say that works with men looking for the stunning women in their life.

Am i asking too much ? I don’t think so what i’m asking for is haven a lady that enjoys being with me, likes me for who i am, enjoys who i am..and for me with the women same thing..enjoy being with her, love her for who she is, enjoying the person that she is.



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