Tribute To Bon Scott..HighWay To Hell..

Western Australia’s Canning Highway / immortalised in ACDC Highway to hell was the site for a tribute to the late Bon Scott lead singer of ACDC one of the worlds greatest rock bands, that started with gigs at the Raffles Hotel in the mid 70s.

One of Perths busiest roads Canning highway was closed for 10 hours and transformed to an entertainment of Rock & Roll .. The highway was closed for 10 kilometre’s from Applecross to Fremantle as flatbed trucks and semi-trailers with bands from all over Australia played tribute to ACDC and Bon Scott.

The streets were lined for 10 kilometres with fans for one of the best Road gigs ever seen in Perth.

It was known as ACDC first monster hit in 1979 Highway To Hell.. It was often said that it was about the perils of touring, or as known in Perth it was Canning Highway a stretch of road in Australia that led Bon Scott to his favourite pub Legendary the Raffles Hotel.

The tribute to Bon Scott at Fremantle..

The Canning Highway was known as the highway to hell as of the sharp decline on the way to the Raffles and many people lost their lives driving too quickly in the early days of the highway.

Scotts lines from the song.. no stop signs..speed limits.. nobody going to slow me down.. as he saids he would be going down to party time with his friends..

It would have to be one of the longest live gigs iv’e ever seen and congratulations to the Festival Of Perth for putting together one of best tributes to a rock legend to be held in Perth.


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