My Morning Quote For Life At 61..

When your 20 you care’s what everybody thinks,

When your 40 you stop caring what everyone thinks,

When your 60 you realise no one was ever thinking about

you in the first place.

At 61. I love my age.

Old enough to know better.

Young enough not to care.

Experienced enough to do it right.

In the end it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years that count, what i’m learning is as long as i feel pain, as long as i make mistakes, i’m still human, as long as i keep trying and learning every day.

I have seen better days, but i have seen the worse, i do wake up with aches and pains but i wake up every day, my life may not be perfect but when i look at my kids i know i got something in my life perfectly right Lol.

Age is just a number.

That is to say, your age should not discourage

you from pursing and realising a new dream,

vision or aspiration, thus disregard your age

For it does not matter as it’s just another

Number in your Life.


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