The Man Thing = Stubbornness.

Be Grateful For

All The Obstacles In Your Life.

They Have Strengthened You As Continue

With Your Journey.


When i was on the last shift two Sundays ago i tore a hamstring upper right leg, so being the hero i am stayed and worked the week, through this i must admit i was with some pain in movement on site and around camp..and you know coped some shit from the crew, a big act, looking for sympathy Haha the usual.

Well i have too get out of this man thing because of my stubbornness and arrogance towards me with ill do the wright thing by the company and finish the shift, i tore the hamstring of the muscle so a really bad tear, and a lot of work to get it to at least 80% to get on the plane Tuesday.. just at the moment cant see it happening.

Well i created another obstacle to get through and one thats very costly for every visit to acupuncture and chiropractic so far 4 off each and a few to go, again this man thing i have had a sore back for months again it will be ok with lots of excuses to be added, the bed, tripped, getting older and many more..It turns out after X rays i have four disc’s out lower back, 3 centre back and hip is out nearly half an inch Mmm when am i going to learn Lol.

Take Care of Your Body

It’s The Only Place You

Have To Live.


Through the years i have repeatedly done the same thing it will be ok all good, i did with gallstones carried them for 4 years ended up in hospital for 6 weeks, a spider bite turned into nearly loosing my thumb, working in winter with the flue became ammonia and now a little tear could be loss of a full shift and a lot of work and pain.

It Takes Time To Persuade Men

To Do Even What Is For

Their Own Good.

Thomas Jefferson.

You have heard the saying as stubborn as a mule, which could be of a few different meanings, wont listen, does it his way only, wont budge with his thoughts, very difficult to convince and many more… mine is it will be all good and wont be convinced it’s not when it comes to my body.. the great thing with this even at my age it’s never to late to change your ways of thought and the way i look after myself for better health in the future.

Its Never Too Late

& Your’e Never Too Old.




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