The Different Turns OF LIfe.

I went to bed last night thinking how fucking life has changed with in eight months or if and when I really weighed it up three years wow. How does life change in so many ways over a period of time which could be short or long term, the right Terminology would be unbelievable how life can go in so many directions left, right, up, down, or inches away from fucked..haha LOl..I was not far I keep bring up we’re I was and sound like a repeater, I love we’re I’m going and the direction I’m going and working hard not to go backwards, just going one direction forward in life in so many ways.

At my second office. Haha

I’m at my second office wright at this moment writing on my new iPad Lol yesterday I felt like a real woman for the first time in my life Lol I was depressed so I went I out and brought the new iPad Air Haha I crack me sometimes.Right at this moment I’m just reapplying for the new position with my company on a five year contract, the boss told me I have got the position but you need to do the protocol Lol to easy the grantees of Five years work Ill write a 100 page application for five years full time with another five straight after it..Lol

Ok I was a bit na maybe a fair bit of depressed why when life is pretty good at the moment, life is good at the moment and I seem to be going the right direction, but there’s that but thing, what could that be I ask myself. It’s an easy one no one to share my life with.

Ok if you are reading this honestly you would be thinking he is talking riddles. See it’s the confusion thing, the lady in the photo has just recently come into my life with in the last two weeks an on line thing I met her on FB just said hello and we chat most nights went for a coffee last night and catching up for lunch Saturday. A very elegant with an high education, good sense of humour loves out door stuff and good fun to be with, there is 15 years the difference between us.. can you guess who’s the oldest Lol.

As I sit here writing the young lady serving me is all smiles and very talkative which is good, comes back with my order which is nothing unusual with that you would say, tells me I have stunning eyes with a beautiful colour of green gives me a card with contact, name and ring me tonight.. she is 40 has two kids loves working at the dome it fits in with her life and the kids..interesting all that over a cup of herb tea.. Interesting.. but all good I have Two Ladies paying me some attention Lol Miss Palmer is going to get jealous Lol Haha.

Last Sunday on swing I tore a hamstring on the upper right leg, been the MAN I am worked all week and now suffering for it Lol yesterday.. acupuncture in the morning, deep tissue massage mid morning, chiropractors in the arvo, of to chiropractors late arvo I got to get out of this man thing its all good and remember I can pay for it now.

Don’t want to sound like a jerk or a complete arrogant person but I forget that I can pay for these appointments with the chiropractor or the body healer as much as I’d like to spend $748.00 on something else it feels good to pay the bills and the tune up service on the body..Lol .

The turning point in the lives!

Of those who succeed usually comes

At the moment of life’s crisis, when we’re down an out

Through which they are introduced to there

Other selves..


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