Seem To Be Going Forward…

I received a phone call from the CEO asking if I’d be interested in going full time..Mmm Waite let me think a minute Mmm 1.1 second and I was saying yes very interested in the position with the company.

He explained that we would be on $40.00 an hour.. 2 weeks on 1 off.. 4 weeks annual leave.. 10 sick days a year.. 10 Stress leave days a year.. all uniforms an Saftey equipment supply Ed.. with the chance of learning machines, at the moment I have steel drum roller, multi roller, 8 hours to go an will have-my front end loader ticket, one more lesson an I go for my HR which I drive the 6 wheel water cart.. its a great start keep learning as we go.. with a five year contract an 5 to follow Mmm let me think it’s a hard one 😂.

He all so mentioned that my son starts with the company Monday as a roller operator.. which is good for Wade he will have a good start in life.. The CEO said he gave Wade the chance because of my work ethic an attitude that made me feel good in a lot of ways.

I believe there are 10 off us starting full time in the next month with every one going into the program over the next 10 month’s. The company is going a long way an going even further every month, through this it gives you stable ability knowing it helps with your future in life.


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