Still Learning Every Day.

Early yesterday morning I bent over to pick up some cones for the job, an twinge.. my right leg hamstring went with a bit of a whip..hahahaha now being a man I am it’s all good and worked all day, well last night could hardly walk or sit, through being stubborn an completely arrogant to the injury.. couldn’t walk today so no work.


Promotes blood flow

Stimulates the release of oxytocin

Activities the release of the body’s own pain killers

Relaxes and releases muscle tension

Activities body ability to heal.


The company sent me to medic on camp, I met Ellie the doctor, she was in heaven a hamstring, she explained her procedure that she was going to do..for me it was to be the first time for acupuncture.

I can say it relieved a lot of pain from my hamstring, an then deep muscle massage boy that hurt followed by a light massage to soften the tissues. I can say it doesn’t hurt as much as it did walking a bit better been putting ice packs on an off all day.

Again at the young ripe old age of 61 I’m still learning all the time,you can teach an old dog only if there willing to learn.



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