On the last blog I was saying about, I’m experiencing my first cyclone..an yes it hit around 2am an yes it hit pretty hard..haha woke me up an I’m a very heavy sleeper it sounded like a jet plane out side my door for 4 hours the power of nature is an amazing thing.

I heard early today at it’s peak the wind was recorded at 240 kilometres and we got 370 millimeter of rain which is a lot of rain in a short time..the roads are closed and we are still in lockdown as we are on code yellow still..I believe were expecting a lot more rain in the next 12 hours .. it’s funny with all this weather and rain right now it’s 35 degrees an air conditioning is on full hahahaha.

I have the safety officer or medic ring or knock on your door to see how ya going mentally an if you have enough supply’s to get you through the cyclone.. with that we have to sign a roll call every 4 hours so they know your on camp..the welfare of everyone is a big thing in The mining industry which is fair enough we all handle things differently me I look its another adventure to life.


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