My First Cyclone

Haha Mmm sixty one and experiencing my first cyclone.. very different I must say, the preparation for the cyclone is enormous.. spent two full days chaining an netting any thing that moves or could move..a lot of work and organising its been a very educational few days an learnt so much to add in my life of experiences.

Working up North on mine sites there are a lot of rules an regulations that we run with which I believe it’s pretty easy just do it. But in saying that they look after ya as well in a good way with the safety and mental wellness is an issue off important’s to the company I work for, I’m pretty happy with that.

With Cyclone’s they are categorised from 1 too 5 the higher it is the more intense they are all so rated from Blue, Yellow an Red we have been at yellow for the last 12 hours it’s expected to go to Red as the night goes on.. we are excepting 250 kilometre winds with a lot of rain behind it.

Early this morning we have been on code yellow.. we went to work finished strapping down the water tanks and checked the road for safety to report in, it was around three hours through this I hat to radio in every 20 minutes to let them know destination an the safety of my were about’s.

Report back to lay down reported in, now we are off to camp for the day..reported in to safety on arrival got a few supply’s an off to my room for the day. I’ve been in the room for 12 hours seems really funny as you can see it’s a room for haven a shower, shave an sleep then off to work..So it’s strange being a wake for so long in the can of sardine hahah.

We have just been updated could be in here for another day, Mmm well there are some good movies on and gives me a chance to write with my blogs which is good.. the only thing I’d say is it’s pretty lonely in some ways but use of that aren’t I haha.


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