Beautiful-Harsh-Majestic-Dangerous-Stunning…The Pilbara…


I would say there are people all over the world that love their job and love the environment and the surroundings around them, there would be jobs were the scenery is out of this world and you would pinch yourself every day knowing and believing that you work in the best place in the world.

Iv’e travelled all over Australia from Perth to the top of Queensland chasing the surf, scene some amazing coast line breath taking and some of the best beaches renowned all over the world, been up to Karratha, Broom, Darwin lived in Denmark and done all the south coast of WA chasing an surfing some great waves of Australia.

I got a position as a traffic controller with MG an indigenous company that provide work for the young, and like a training program and all so hire all walks of life, give women and men that have done it hard in life a chance to improve there lives, done time for petty crimes they might have done years ago, as these days in the city not many companies will hire to many with a record behind them.

The more i work with the company the more i see how amazing they are as giving people of all walks of life a chance in their lives to go ahead, i’m one of them in some way.. my age was a huge burden to get a position in the work force MG looked at it as a benefit for them in a funny way as a mentor for the younger worker’s, they have a few rules which are hard, have a good personality, a good attitude, respect all around camp and work site, be prepared to learn at any age, be happy / in return well looked after at camp on site and a very good pay system.. Too Easy seriously too easy.

I had no idea what to expect with the country of the out back id been told so many stories, my mates would say well done on the position but fuck mate what are you doing at your age do you know how hard it is up there especially at your age...there is that age thing again..Lol

I remember my first shift as i was getting of the plane i was so nervous i’m looking around at the airport thinking were am i Haha and now i get of the plane and say to myself welcome home buddy..yes welcome home.. i feel i have two lives one in Perth with my kids which is my true home and first love..but now i have a second home which changes your life style it’s like living two different lives but as the same person. as you get of the plane love it.

With this stunning country comes the reality of how dangerous it can be and you can understand how people loose their lives in not understanding and knowing how to survive in this beautiful but the most rugged and harsh country of Australia .Iv’e learned so much of this stunning out back of life.. there were days with a mazing heat average from 45 to 50 degrees every day for two weeks and 35 to 40 degrees of a night i have never loved an air conditioner so much Haha Lol.

Ive come across some pretty big tiger snakes the moral is just let them go on there path and you go yours, seen bush turkey’s, wild dogs, eagles what a stunning bird in flight, goannas, lizards of all sizes, cows, emus and wild horses so you are all ways entertained through the day.

The sky can change with in hours from sunny and very hot to very hot with an amazing lighting and thunder show on for a few hours… to 100ml of rain in 5 or 6 minutes to storms that have water over the bonnet of your car with in minutes, but adds to a censes of excitement you know you can be in trouble if ya got know idea on how to drive through the’s funny when i drove through my first Pilbara storm there was this little bit of excitement and this lot of bring out my bush driving experience out in a good way..Haha.

Yes its an amazing country with the beauty comes the danger if you’r not sure of the land and don’t respect her for what she offer’s as the indigenous say it is a privilege to be on there land respect her and she will look after you for ever..i feel i have been given another chance in life with my position of work with the companies i work for MG & FMG and i believe i have been blessed in some ways knowing i get on the plane to work on some of the best land in Australia Haha Love it.


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