That Thing Again..

What is that thing for me, it’s what i’m getting used to and thats being at the Dome haven a coffee with the sounds on at a table on my own writing a blog Haha Lol..

Yes i live with My daughter her husband and the grandson of my life..but i am on my own a lot, there is only so much you can share with your daughter.. Now some would say it’s your say yes in some ways and maybe no in others..but with any thing in life you adapt to it you see and feel it’s the reality of your life.

Exciting life i must say it exerting for me and every one around me.. Haha Enough of feeling sorry for little me.. Speaking of being a lone i just finished reading this book The Benefits Of Being Alone, i must admit there is quiet a lot i can relate to and not to bad..but it’s funny how you fit into that mould and every now and then id do slide the book down slowly and look around with that thought yes Mmm how wright is this writer.. Lol.

So what are the benefits of being on your own.. i can go out with no time schedule added to it.. i can go to any thing from movies to dinner go to theatre all which is just paying for me cheap skate i know but it was created for me.. the kids give me a lot of freedom so i enjoy my music at most times sitting writing or listening to the sounds..whats the benefit with that i can and as long as i want.

I go to the shops get what i want and what i need, i can make life a cruise or rush which i try only too do it when i get payed for it Lol.. And i hide little things or do what i’m happy in my self this is only occurred in the last 3 weeks i have thought about if it is the right or wrong thing to do and the age thing sort of come’s into it but they are both happy with the arrangements so this what it is at the moment i’m seeing a lady who owns a massage parlour who is 41, and one of her staff members who has just turned 31 which both are very happy with the three of us seeing each other..We know it’s not going any were it’s what we call great friends with a lot of good benefits Lol Haha A man thing Lol..there good company and there is no pressure in how and what we do.

The bad things on being on your own.. is company haven that chat about work or the day you had..being sick and no one sitting with you or making that bowl of soup, being told that your being loved or those words i love you..getting dressed with the words of, maybe change your shirt babe, you look handsome, fuck you have put on some weight Haha just a thought come in with that one Lol.. the hardest one haven some one growing with you through out your life enjoying the company of who and what you stand for and for you who you are as a person thats the big one for me.

I was half way through writing another exciting blog of a 61 year old’s life when my son rang and asked if i want to go and see Bad Boys For Life..with him..Too easy when i get there a little catch.. dad i don’t get payed until Wednesday..all good.. really good movie maybe the best out of the 3.. but i got Wade on one side texting to some one and the guy on the other side.. Quiet simple Wado put it a way.. to easy gone.. the guy next to me asked you twice nicely.. third one mate i’m going to throw your phone in a round 2 seconds..yea really is the answer i get.. i stood up and said fuck away for rest of the movie..It’s worth seeing if you haven’t and like the Bad Boy thing.

Ok lets see what these phones are doing to our kids of today and even middle aged parent’s.. the art of conversations has just slowly disappearing the way we are going there will be no sitting in front of a friend, family member even the wife haven an old day thing a chat like move the lips look at each other use facial expressions have a fucking laugh.

I go to restaurant’s a lot i chat a lot to the waitress, not a con way just in chat and even the people next to me if they make eye contact.. next time go to a restaurant have a look around nearly 80% of the clients will be on their phones and a bout 2 words are said to the person across from them most the time they are haven a chat to their friends or to each classic example 2 people on their phones through a movie one my son but he was respectful when i looked around as i stood i could see 4 or 5 more doing it.. i mean really.

We as all our friends you touch your phone you pay for every meal at the table.. for the parents with kids it’s a morse code..ring once hang up ring hang up get 3 on your phone we know there is a problem understand that kids are first priority.

We are living in an area

Were capturing moments

using our phones is more

Important than

actually living these moments

With whoever is besides us.



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