Lets Chat..Life

I think 12 months goes so quick and it seems a long time buts it’s not really when you think of the speed it goes. I can say how LIFE can change so quickly for you, one minute your down and out and the next minute it’s up again for me it’s at another level and one i wouldn’t expect in my life time..

Aaaa is that how you say it.. but any way .. Life can change one day i’m going to the Food Bank to eat and getting companies to help with the bills in a big way, sitting in my office thinking what’s my next fucking move how do i pay this bill and that one Mmm..All of a sudden your adding Stress An Depression into your life with the one thats been there for a long time Loneliness still have that one but 1 out of 3 is better than 3 out of 3 Lol.

A Good Life

Is When You Assume Nothing

Do More, Need Less, Smile Often

Dream Big, Laugh A Lot, And Realise

How Blessed You Are.


It’s funny you know when you’r at 59 and out of work and have worked since the age of 15 it makes you feel like shit and on the trash can because age comes into it, yes the age thing can be good for you or just fuck you up with out even trying too. You sort of feel there is no direction to turn..Then comes belief that you are better than that, be confident, tell yourself that you are and believe that you are a good person and the right one for this position.

An now i’m in a job were the company has a philosophy that age is a good thing for them because they believe that with age comes a life of experience for the younger ones to bounce off on..It’s funny some see it and some have no idea are they thick or just arrogant to life, id say the second one with adding they believe we as the older generation owe them, really Haha No it’s called no respect and certainly the wrong attitude towards the older generation, seriously it makes you wonder they have an opportunity in life that some kids will never experience what they have in front of them.

Now i ask have you ever waked up or pinch your self and ask the question is this happening to me, now i have when i was going through the separation, bringing up the kids and loss of friends with suicide and no work.. But now i’m asking the same question but on a different trail, A phone call at 7am is not the one you sort of want to hear from the CEO of the company, but this one was too tell me how good i’m going what a great person i am and a good asset for the company, then my site manger rings me at 9am..

Do I understand that my life is on the turn, or haven’t understood the word of WHY.

Mmm ok whats happening .. tells me he is really proud were i have gone and how far i have come in six an half months, to follow with a new contract in the swing and a pay rise, go to head office to sign the papers there ready to sign ( 20 days on / 8 days off / 49 an hour ) Ok thank you was as simple as i can say..longer shift more money and learning more machines with which the company is paying for Mmm sometimes it’s worth waking up Lol.

Wrong or Wright..Don’t Care..This Is My Philosophy..

Each one of us are one of a kind. We certainly need to have our own way of giving meaning to life. Success is a broad term, and we needn’t copy any others for the definition of success. We live once, once with our body, once with our name we have. We all have a different story to tell, we all have our own path it might be unique or it might have hurdles to jump.

It’s one we create our selfs with the path we decide to take that path can be created from a young age or as we get to the age when we realise it’s needed in life. Life can be with difficulty sometimes but as they say life is not meant to be easy.

Make the wright choices, take that chance, go with the change understand were and what direction your going in life, but more than any thing for me is, i all ways want to learn, to understand it for the better, taken all the years of experience in the good and bad helps me to move forward.. and age is what i have learnt in what i can by being able to teach, that doesn’t mean i Blah Blah body language is a great teacher you can teach a lot through the movements and facial expressions with the shortest of paragraphs.

Last but not least yes i’m a loner in my heart and do not try to show it at all to any one, and yes i don’t understand how well i’m being treated and the change’s thats happening in my life knowing i will learn is it because i’m me.. but put me with people i listen and understand were there coming from, i’m 61 but more than any thing i want to learn and understand the meaning of my life, yes i love my kids, grandson, family and friends and are so happy knowing i’m going to meet many more people in life.. And yes i thank God and the company for the second chance in life at 61 with appreciation for something that i never have dreamed about but except the opportunity in my life.


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