Sometimes in life you ask yourself… Am I doing the wright thing.. Is this wright for me.. Does this feel Wright..

Well I’ve got to say yes .. Yes I’m doing the wright thing for me as it feels good and I can say I’m enjoying life wright at this moment in time.

I’ve been on this swing for 15 days straight now an 15 to go.. I have done 180 hours an have 180 to go.. but I don’t seem to mind the like Sargent major time slots..up at 3.45 am at lay down and ready to go for pre start at 6am an hour to 2 hour drive on site.. finish around 5pm back at camp around 6.30 .. shower.. down to the mess room.. catch up with some friends.. do washing.. in bed by 9 pm start again at 3.45.

I wasn’t expecting this shift I was asked if I’d be per pared to do it.. Because I like to do the wright thing to say yes wasn’t a problem at all.

I have noticed being alone in some sort of way suits me as it can be very lonely in ways.. isolation from family, friends, an what I do normally which is pretty much fuck all Hahaha.

I’m on what is a called a steel drum roller 7 to 9 hours a day in what is called putting the magic touch to the road after the grader, I’ve been recognised by management with a pay rise a very good one at that and put on to a new swing 2 weeks on 1 week off short turn 14 days on 7 days off… a lot of sacrifices in life with family, friends an life style but the money is brilliant, for me in the next 7 to 8 years my life is set up.

I would say I’m really happy at the moment.. lonely yes but life’s happy as career path for 61 years old I’d say happy.


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