It’s funny you know..I’ve seen it more as I get older in the work force..the days of being appreciated for your work ethics and your attitude towards the company with in a good way, has sorted of gone with the wind.

I remember a time when a company looked after you, there was a time when you were more than a number. But it’s like so much in the last 2 or 3 decades changes are for the good.

In the last few swings a lot of guys have lost there job 13 this swing, The company is calling it a clean out of the wrong attitude’s..fair enough In one way, some guys will struggle to get work out there.

I’m not sure about me I mean I’ve been promoted on to a machine and given two an one swing..two weeks on .. one week off with a pay rise but still got to work hard to keep this job..keeps on ya toes.. I’m not one for kissing arse my philosophy is I’m taken for who and what I am, I have good morals, respect for any age or nationality, and I try to bring into the job a good sense of humour.. philosophy is work hard but enjoy your job.

So with all of this it comes down to the company being here for the long haul, and with that getting the Wright people to get them there, that’s With most companies and if it means being ruthless so be it as most companies do these days.


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