Amazing-Truly Amazing..Seriously if u do any thing at all..have a look at this, you will not be disappointed.

There Are Still Some

Great People Out There.


My daughter, son in law, son and GF with all the kids went down to a place called Mandurah around a 90 minute drive on the coast.

Now the kids hounded me dad come down, this went on for a day or so, i didn’t feel good brought back the flew from my last shift.. Any way Tara told me about this husband and wife’s house i’m going to take you too tonight it’s amazing dad.. they brought it up through out the day.. so after dinner off we went.

We pulled up out the front and it was wow just there.. the whole house is done and i mean the whole house not one room or space of the house hasn’t got decorating in it.

Believe There Is Good In

The World.


It takes this couple four months to set it up. Three months to pack it away. They put it on show for 2 months. The Electercty account is around $2,000 which the council pay because of what they bring to the community. They put on cake and coffee for you when you go in the house. Id say in the one hour we were there around 200 people came through the house and it’s like that from 6pm till 10pm every night of the week. I had a chat to the couple.. all they wanted to do in life was to give happiness to kids, parents and people of all ages, it took 4 years of saving and planning for the decorations.

What an amazing light show and two of the most amazing human beings, that just want to make people happy.

A beautiful heart

Can bring things into your

Life that all the money in

The world Couldn’t


Id like to thank my daughter and the kids for taken me to this amazing place filled with happiness, love and joy, and of course the light show. And to the old couple that put something on that was truly a master piece of joy and happiness for all ages and life.


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