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How Do I Know Myself ?

What is knowing yourself it understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your passion and fears, or your desire and dreams, your likes and dislikes and your tolerances and limitations. Does knowing yourself mean knowing the purpose of your life.

I spent many years coaching sports and bringing my kids up what i didn’t know was myself in some ways, i knew the art of stress as i had plenty with a massive overhead of bills, i knew i was a very lost man for many years.. i all so knew that i believed that this wouldn’t last for ever.. i all so knew id spend a lot of years in learning about my kids who they are as human’s and watching them grow with there lives.

The self awareness is important because when i have a better understanding of myself, i’m able to experience myself as unique and separate individual. Do i then believe i’m empowered to make changes and to build of strengths with identifying areas were i need to make improvements..

Knowing yourself is being yourself.. we are being judged regardless of what we do, so does being yourself makes happiness with life to be easier, id like to think that now more than ever I Live Life On My Terms.. Not Someone Else’s.. To be myself is so important to me, I have to learn about myself or i feel i wont be happy otherwise.


To Be True To Yourself.

Your Values.

Your Word.

Is regarded to have the honesty and

Truthfulness or accuracy of

Ones Action.

Is That Myself.. I believe so..

Is being honest to yourself important.. i believe being honest to yourself is the key to living my life in full. With this it will be a positive impact on myself but also the people around me.. Honesty can also help you detect self -deception with the smoke screen we use to mask our problems.

I’m My Own Person.

And I Want People To

Know Me For Who

I Am.

So Important to be yourself

I would feel knowing myself is to know my personality, get to know my core values are my moral codes and the principals i have in life.. still have my dreams and hope that keeps creating the path for me in my life, i know my likes and dislikes are they right or wrong there one of knowing myself really well as i believe it’s what i am in some ways and there seems to be no issues with family and friends.

What i’m learning to do is To Love i know i have to accept myself as i am, with coming to the terms with those aspects of myself you can not change, it means for me to have self-respect a positive self -image and self-acceptance.. i all so know to learn about myself is the power of life with as i’m all ways learning every day of my life.


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