Today Is The First Day, Of The Rest Of Your Life.

That sounds like something out of a book on a life going towards 62 in September this year 2020.. Yes it’s the first one of many in 2020.. can it be the start of the first of good ones that follow on as the year goes ahead, speaking of that does any body feel’s or it seems as we get older the years seem to go quicker, or is it just the way i see or feel things are moving at a furious pace in life..Lol.

This is my life..

My story..

My book.

I will no longer let any one else write it, Nor

Will I apologise For The

Edits I Make.

One of many changes from late 2019 let’s see what happens in 2020.

At the end of this month i go on too my new shift of two weeks week off.. thats going to be very different, what it means is i spend 13 weeks of the year at home.. and thirty nine at work if you calculate 52.143 weeks in a year.. what it also calculates i go from eighty five thousand.. to one hundred an thirty thousand.. now is money the meaning of life..

Fuck yea at 61 when you have nothing to show for on a average of 33 years in the work force..not counting two years of traveling.. five years of being a stay home dad being there for the kids..18 months out of work.. or working 3 months surfing 2.. for what ever reason i put my hand up to do it.. So again my Choice..i’m going to take the Chance that i’m good with doing that swing of work.. and yes again i’m the one that makes that Change work in life..





That for me is one of the most important parts of life as well as many other pieces of importance that put our jigsaw of life together, the great thing is we keep adding pieces to it as every year with our lives go forward, stationary, or backwards it’s all a part of many pieces that it then come’s to life.

What can make it work or not work is the Attitude we create in those little pieces of our lives.. Your attitude can define, or mark out the boundary of your life.. If i was to have a fucked Attitude towards every thing that went wrong in life WoW it’s something that i try not to have..but in saying that id get my day in a week..just lucky they weren’t weeks in a month or months in a year..

Thats a goal i do work on every year in my life is to be that better person for what i want in me and what i expect out of me..i don’t do it to please any one nor to be some one different in life.. i just simply want to be happy in me for who i am.. not what people want.. Life can be very simple and thats through the way you direct your life in the direction or path that you go on..

The way i do it..

Certainly plan my life.. I Set Goals.. I Work towards them.. I try to understand my attitude, personality with the fine tune that is needed in adjustments with me as i’m not perfect and never will be we all have little or big faults in life..It’s what and how you’r happy with yourself in life.. And 2020 is another year to keep putting pieces off my jigsaw together of every challenge that is be throwing at me in life.


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