To All Of You.. All The Best For 2020.

A great way to finish the year .. with a stunning start to the day’s.

2019 for the first 6 months was pure and simple.. not something i want to do again.. and then i made a Choice that was pretty easy.. Took The Chance which again was pretty easy.. And now starting to enjoy the Changes.. But it still takes a lot of work and sacrifice’s to be made with family and friends.

An Ariel View Of A Gorge.


Your entire life can change in a year.

You just gotta love yourself enough to know you deserve more.

Be brave enough to demand more,

And disciplined enough to actually

Work For More.

W.A stunning coast line.

Id like to think for me i’m going forward with a lot of hard work ahead as it dose not come to those who sit and wait for it to happen. We will see what 2020 brings with the good and the bad, the challenges and the rewards, with the happiness and the sadness, with family and friends, i’m being Optimistic and the Love Lol.



5 responses to “To All Of You.. All The Best For 2020.”

    • thank u wanderingwithwords as i get older the whole concept of attitude needs to change in some ways to work with my life.. do i turn arrogant to it .. na i just learn to understand the true meaning of attitude at 61.. thank u and have a great new year.

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