The First Coffee = Quotes For Today.

At the end of the day, i’m at peace

Because my intentions are

Good and my heart is


/sun gazing

How many of us feel we need to explain our selfs to people.. explain what and who we are.. id admit i have done this in my early years of life, were now iv’e learnt ( i don’t need to explain anything ) my philosophy is except me for who i am as a person and what i stand for or there’s no need to know me. Lol

Never explain yourself to anyone

You don’t need anyone’s approval

Live Your life and do what

Makes You Happy.


Not everyone will understand

Your journey.

Thats ok.

Your here to live your life,

Not to make everyone



I mentioned in a few blogs ago, to wake up every day with a smile is a positive way to start the day, and then as the day goes i look at little things that make’s the day in all a positive one for me and the people around me.

Look for something Positive in each day,

Even if some days you have to look

A little Harder.



2 responses to “The First Coffee = Quotes For Today.”

  1. I understand what you mean. Once I was on an elevator and a person walked out and quickly back in. He felt compelled, I assume, to tell me at length why he stepped back into the elevator. He’d forgotten his water bottle and needed to go back up but didn’t want to wait for another elevator. He didn’t have to explain. I could conclude from being in a hotel on the way down that he’d forgotten something. However, I have found myself in conversations when some explanation helps make a connection with the person. Sometimes what we say is not clear. Cheers!

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