An Early Wish..To Everyone..

Well this year i fly out very early Christmas Eve Morning.. A bit different..first time in 31 years i haven’t been with the kids, but all is good as we are haven Christmas Dinner tonight with the family and friends, as Monday is packing and getting ready to fly out then going to mum & dads for a Christmas brunch, looking forward to that as they are getting older so it’s good to be with them as much as i can.

It’s an amazing place.

Christmas through out will be different in so many parts of the world, there will be many enjoying the celebration and gifts that they receive from family and friends.. there will be many that get half the celebration and gifts but will be grateful and still enjoy the outcome of Christmas and many that won’t have any thought or idea of the Christmas sprit which is sad but a huge part of life with today’s world.

It’s funny as we get older we seem to appreciate different things in life and the meaning of them. As i get older with wisdom and knowledge i appreciate the meaning of Christmas, The New Year, Easter, Anzac Day, Australia Day and many more celebrations we have through out the year.

What i’m learning and understand as i get older what it means through out Australia and the countries through the world, and yes we might have been acknowledge as the Lucky country many years ago where now we are on the same parr as the world, we’re different parts of our society celebrations are at a high down to nothing, it’s what is called moving forward through the government body’s, with this there a lot of organisation’s through out W.A that make sure the less fortunate feel and enjoy the Christmas sprit, and it shows that there are so many beautiful people that put their time and effort to help people in all different walks of life enjoy that one day of the year.

Id like to finish off with.. thanking all off the people that have supported me, followed me, taken the time to write or reply to my blogs, and the ones that have become a friend’s with myself and my life. For those that have given me wisdom, lifted me when i was down, put a smile on my dial and made me happy for just being me.

TO every one on this site may you your family and friends have a great Christmas.. to follow up with going into the new year on a prosper 2020 and a great one for all of you, your family and friends.



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