The Power Of The Mind..

How powerful is the mind and how important is the mind to us as humans and through out life.. The mind can be a very powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us. It is said it’s the mind is our greatest power so we have to use it well through our lives wright from the start to the end of life.

The Greatest discovery of all time

Is that a person can change his future

By merely changing his attitude.

How True

In todays society there are so many ways we can use the mind for relaxation, stress, creating in life, thought’s of how we achieve things in life, we dream of accomplishments that we want to succeed, meditation, In sports we used imagery in seeing how we and you played the game, which is a short mental statement of belief or aspiration with the game.

Before you start

Any thing learn how

To Finish it.

Are we Human Beings or Human Doing’s as todays society we have so many things pushed into our mind through government, bill boards, tv commercials, papers and now media, and social media were we are trained or puppets to believe what happened and how it happened, what we need to do and not to do, how we progress in life, whats wrong for us and whats wright us, our mind now is trained to live and be successful in life.

To be or not to be that is the question ( from Hamlet – William Shakespeare ) And not a bad question at all then and now, how to be yourself, we as humans so much of life is spent wanting to be somewhere else or be somebody else. Why do we think like that i still do in some ways at my age with the idea of being in a different country or state, and being someone else even if it is just for a short time, we all do it some time in our life.

I often think where i would i be if i put my Mind To It when i was younger at school with the thought of getting a good career in life, as i know i can not turn the clock back so i went to uni to get my leaving at 50, in saying that i have no regrets in life through the choices i made as a young guy.

The Power Of

Thought The Magic

Of The Mind.

The mind can help us with happiness, sadness, pain, joy, love, friendship, commitment’s, attitude, our confidence in life but more than any thing it’s with us from the day we are born till the last breath it’s how we use it and how we are prepared to train the mind with letting the mind train us in so many ways..

The mind is

A powerful force.

It can make the worst of the best

Or the best of the worst.

Quote master

I know in myself for what ever way i have used and progressed in life with my mind i know through my experiences the willingness to learn i’m still training my mind, with my mind training me.. i like the idea of learning and glad i listen to it a lot more, maybe it’s the maturity as i get older, but one thing i do know it’s a power that can make or break us or create us as human beings through out our lives.



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