The Greatest Happiness Of Life Is Being A Grandparent…

Being a Grandparent is one of the

Best feeling you will ever have.

It can even be the best time of

Your Life.

So True

Being a Pop as my grandson calls me is the stage in my life when i finally understand the true meaning of the best is yet to come..Because iv’e reached it.

And now i’m going to be Pop, pop as my beautiful daughter is going to have her second child.. now this is were i’m pretty excited in one way.. and don’t get me wrong id love the baby for what ever sex..but she is going to have a girl, Haha my Little Tara Haha love the idea being a pop to a little girl.

This little guy is my best little mate we go every where this little mate so much.

Kado is the light to my life, when i’m on shift out in the middle of Know where he rings me of a night has a chat about his day and how much he can’t wait for me to get home to go to the movies or out for tea or just take him shopping Mmm i knew i was good for something Haha.

It’s funny and i wouldn’t think like this un-till it was in front of me, now i love my kids and do any thing for them even though they are in their full adult life.. and that comes from the bond bringing them up on my own.. but the grandson he has me wrapped around his finger and he knows it.. But the bond we have between us is very strong, he brings a personality out of me that i do enjoy haven as a person.

I think the greatest part of being a parent knowing that your kids have learnt your philosophies with life, your right attitude towards life, have respect for people of all personality’s and cultures, and have great hearts..But more than any thing they teach them selfs and learn, how to be great parents and great people in life..

I know in life when i’m six foot under or crisped to ashes Lol one day.. that the last thing i have to worry about is my kids not looking after their kids.. and as a parent that is the greatest gift your kids can give you in life knowing they are everything that you could wish for in life as a dad.

To be able to watch your children’s children

Grow up is truly a blessing

In Life.



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